Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.

Board Of Directors

Rose-Marie Chierici, Ph.D.

 Executive Director


Rose-Marie is a professor and head of the Anthropology Department at the State University of New York at Geneseo. She has served on the Board of Advisors for Partners in Health since its inception, and she draws upon many years of community development experience as well asa broad network of people and organizationsin her rolefor H.O.P.E.

As a founding member of H.O.P.E., Rose-Marie has provided continuous vision and leadership since 1995. She is a native born Haitian whose family left the country under the oppression of the Duvalier dictatorship.

Rose-Marie is widely recognized for her insights into grassroots development work - always with respect for people, their culture and their need for dignity and self-sufficiency. H.O.P.E.'s ethics are rooted in these same values.In 2006 she was instrumental in forming the Borgne Health Alliance (ASB) which has since flourished, growing into the sole health system for Borgne.


Rose-Marie Chierici, Ph.D.

Michael Shields

 Deputy Executive Director 


Michael (Mike) is a former Fortune 500 Executive and currently Co-Founder/CEO of eLogic (, a software/technology consulting firm in Rochester, NY.

Michael joined H.O.P.E. in 2004, after joining his daughter and Rose-Marie on a trip to Borgne. Since then, he has been committed to sustainable development for the community. As frequent traveler to Borgne, with many ties to the community, he supports project work in Health and Economic Development. Michael deeply believes in the community's drive for improvement; and sees H.O.P.E.'s role as a catalyst for progress and a source of needed resources. He loves working toward sustainable futures for Borgne. As a key 'field worker', Michael is able to bring the 'on the ground' view to the Board of Directors. He was instrumental in the formation of ASB and his successful transition to Borgne's community health system.

Michael Shields

James Myers, Ph.D.

 Chairman of the Board

 Director, Economic Development


James (Jim) is Director of Multidisciplinary Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology. He has a deep background in International Development in Kosovo and Latin America.

Jim joined H.O.P.E. in 2007, following a brief encounter at a University function and a subsequent exploratory trip to Borgne. Since joining he has become a key force for Economic Development and Clean Water/Sanitation. Jim has a unique way of bringing together many elements of community development into a holistic solution oriented model. Like many in H.O.P.E., he is passionate about sustainable development vs. dependency. He is a regular traveler to Borgne and is active in numerous projects on the ground.

James Myers, Ph.D.
Kevin Fiscella, M.D./ MPH

 Director, Health Programs

Dr. Fiscella (Kevin) is on the faculty of the University of Rochester Medical Center and is operates a public health clinic in Rochester, NY. He is widely published for his work in community health.

Kevin has been an active supporter of H.O.P.E. for more than ten years. In 2006 he was recruited to join the Board of Directors to support the transition to a full service community health system for Borgne. Since his initial visit to Borgne, Kevin has maintained a strong focus on preventive health measures, while supporting the implementation of ASB's three-tier health model. He maintains close liaison with the ASB Haitian medical staff.


Katherine Conway-Turner, Ph.D.

 Director, Education Programs

Dr. Katherine (Kate) Conway-Turner is a member of the Board of Directors of H.O.P.E. (Haitian Outreach- Pwoje Espwa), a Rochester, and NY, based non-profit organization that supports health care, education, and sanitation efforts in Borgne Haiti. She directs H.O.P.E.’s educational efforts which include support of existing schools/educational efforts, teacher training, library development, and the mobile teacher program.

Appointed in 2014, Dr. Katherine S. Conway-Turner is the president of Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY.

She is a lifelong educator, scholar, author and humanitarian. She is a servant leader and has a lifelong commitment to civic engagement, public service, and working across international boundaries to support the needs of families and communities. During her 31 year career she has served in a variety of leadership and administrative positions as well as holding the rank of professor of psychology at five universities. 

Previously, Dr. Conway-Turner was provost and vice president for academic affairs at Hood College from 2010 until 2014. From 2004 to 2009 she was provost and vice president for academic affairs at SUNY Geneseo. Dr. Conway-Turner was the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Georgia Southern and associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Delaware where she also served as director of the Women’s Studies Program and graduate program coordinator. She was an American Council of Education (ACE) Fellow hosted by the College of New Jersey and a former Kellogg Leadership Fellow.

Katherine Conway-Turner, Ph.D.

Sosthenes Pierre-Phillipe

 Treasurer and Board Director

Joan Aiello

 Director, Development

Joan Aiello is Senior Business Intelligence Analyst for Hillside Family of Agencies Company and the Acting Director of Development for Haiti Outreach-Pwoje Espwa.

After traveling to Haiti in 2002, and being overwhelmed by the hospitality and generosity of the people in Borgne, Joan joined the Board of Directors in 2008. Her previous experience with non-profits, along with her many years in the marketing department of a large, multinational company, has helped as H.O.P.E. transitioned to the ASB community health system.

She is proud to be working with such a talented group of people, dedicated to the grass-roots development of Borgne and is convinced that H.O.P.E.'s focus on the partnership with the people of Borgne is the most effective way to achieve our vision.


Joan Aiello

Kelly Myers

 Board Secretary

 Michel Cassagnol

Chief Operating Officer and Board Member

I was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, the second of 12 children and migrated to Washington DC in 1960. After attending Catholic University, I started my career with a consulting firm working on the Washington METRO, where I held various positions.Since then, I’ve worked on several projects in the transportation industry, including the Buffalo Light Rail Project and the Houston Light Rail project.Most recently I completed an assignment on the Charlotte, N.C. Light Rail Project.

Upon my “retirement”, I was drafted into H.O.P.E. by my sister Rose Marie Chierici, and started work for the organization. After 50 years I took my first trip to Haiti in early June of 2010 to familiarize myself with the operations of Alyans Sante Borgne and other H.O.P.E. programs in Borgne.

My focus in the organization is Rochester operations, budget management and fund raising.


Michel Cassagnol

Hillary Mickell

Board member

Hillary Mickell is an accomplished business leader and tech industry entrepreneur with a background in Brand Development, Digital Media and Marketing.  Hillary has held senior marketing positions within Microsoft, and has founded and led several successful Silicon Valley ventures, including most recently, FOODILY ( .  In addition to her business credentials, Hillary is passionately engaged in community development in Borgne, Haiti through her work as on the Board of Directors of H.O.P.E. and her work ‘on the ground’ in the community.  Hillary is  a frequent traveler to Borgne, Haiti where she contributes to community development, health programs and education initiatives.  She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children.  


Erika Duthiers, Esq.

 Board Member

Erika J. Duthiers is the Deputy General Counsel in the Office of Legal Affairs at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Manhattan College, and a Juris Doctorate from Albany Law School of Union University.  She is of Haitian decent and is proficient in French and Creole.  Erika joined the board of Hope Haiti in 2010.  Having spent most of the summers of her childhood visiting Haiti, Erika was eager to share her legal skills, her understanding of the Haitian culture, as well as her experience as a board member to several non-profit organizations to further the mission and vision of Hope Haiti.  She is proud to serve on the board of Hope Haiti, which has such a profound impact on the lives of so many people in Haiti. 


J. Shields Sundberg

Board Member

Shields is passionate about community development and social justice. Awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship in 1992 to study at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, she developed deep commitment to Haiti's development. She has traveled and worked in Haiti ever since. After meeting Rose-Marie in 2004, Shields traveled to Borgne with her father, and has since been an active supporter of H.O.P.E. She was elected to the Board of Directors in 2010 and has been active in development both in the USA and in Haiti. Despite having a busy life and four children at home, she travels to Haiti and finds time to support projects in Borgne.


Laura Coriddi

 Board Member

Laura is a Senior Computer Programmer at Monroe Community College. Her role in the H.O.P.E. organization is to provide technical expertise.  She was elected to the Board of Directors in 2013. Laura recently implemented a new Customer Relation Management (CRM) system for H.O.P.E.. She is the technical lead for the new website and is the current webmaster. Laura is a member of the communications/development committee.

She has held several volunteer positions with Saint Elizabeth Seton church including parish council member,.communications chair, youth group leader, and HOPE group fundraising chair.



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