Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.


We continue to develop and provide training and education in basic health. This is critical to reduce and eliminate the extremely high risks of disease due to improper sanitation, water and nutrition. HOPE’s Technology Center (Sant Teknoloji) has operated a water purification and sanitation program for the past five years. Staffed by local workers, this program offers vital first-line disease prevention facilities and education to the region.

Latrine Pilot
HOPE implemented a pilot latrine program in the town of Borgne surrounding the main health center with ARC funding in 2012. It partnered with community members to construct 12 latrines that serve 36 families or about 180 people. Community members provided sand and gravel, while HOPE hired masons and provided other materials to construct the latrines. Each latrine serves a lakou, or group of families. HOPE works with the families to ensure that they take group ownership of maintaining the latrine and keeping it clean. Families sign a written agreement to this effect and participate in a 16-week training that takes place one day per week. Two years after the latrine pilot was implemented, the review team was able to visit two of the latrines. One was full and no longer operational, while the other was still in use. The review team examined the latrine and observed that it was clean and well-maintained. The review team interviewed one of the women who had signed on to the community agreement and she expressed a high level of satisfaction with HOPE and the project. Based on experience of water and sanitation programs, community latrines can generally be very difficult to maintain over time, so the fact that the latrine was still operational and well-maintained was a sign of success in the pilot.