Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.

Mobile Hospital

Initiating mobile hospital program:

HOPE conducted mobile hospitals only after receiving American Red Cross funding, and these would not have been possible without this grant. A mobile hospital is based on the same concept as a mobile clinic; the different is that instead of being a one day event, it is a one week event, and it provides a higher level of service delivery that is comparable to what a patient could receive at the main health center in Borgne. These services include in patient care, dental care, outpatient services which offers care to the most common diseases prevalent in Haiti such as malaria, upper and lower respiratory infection, diarrheal diseases, maternity, pediatrics and chronic care. While mobile clinics are often conducted by health organizations with hard to reach populations both in Haiti and in other resource-poor settings, the review team has not come across other organizations that have implemented mobile hospitals. The first mobile hospital was conducted in Molas, described by staff and community members on several occasions as an underserved area, and particularly hard to reach. It was a five day event that served over 2,500 people. HOPE has conducted a total of seven mobile hospitals over the course of the ARC funded program.

If you're an individual, group, or organization interested in sponsoring the Mobile Hospital program, please contact to learn more.