Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.

HOW Can I Contribute?

“Opening Opportunities” University Scholarship Program


Few children in Haiti have the opportunity to attend and graduate from high school; fewer still have the opportunity to pursue a college education due to a limited number of openings and a lack of resources. This is particularly the case in the rural, mountainous areas of Borgne where the vast majority of people live and resources are particularly scarce.  The lost potential is staggering and heartbreaking, for both individual students and, ultimately, the communities in which they live.

Discussions with local community leaders in Borgne, school teachers and principals, students, and others led to the idea of creating a university scholarship program for promising young people who, via a college degree, could have a significant positive impact on their community.

To be selected for the Opening Opportunities Scholarship candidates must:

a.  achieve academic excellence and show leadership potential (Merit)
b. not be able to attend university without financial assistance (Need)
c. be eager to return to Borgne upon graduation to “give back” to the community (Commitment)

How to partner with H.O.P.E. in this project:

*Contact one the Project Directors about fully supporting a scholarship for a promising student in need.

Daniel Edwards, Andrew Elliot, and Mark Berends