Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.

HOW Can I Contribute?

NO FREE EDUCATION - and no ability for most families to pay.

Mobile Teacher Program

H.O.P.E has worked closely with the commune’s teachers association to offer summer workshops to enhance teachers’ skills and knowledge base for 140 teachers and school principals. The mobile teacher program (MTP), is a pre-school program which brings a teacher and educational resources to over 400 children from poor families who live in the most remote areas of the commune. With support from the GO Campaign, H.O.P.E. has been able to provide this unique opportunity to bring early childhood education to children and orphans who otherwise would never have a chance to learn to read and write. GO also supported the development of a community library, the first of its kind in the rural north. An adult literacy program is making a big difference by helping adults who never attended school or barely attended school to learn to read and write. Members of the Youth Corps (AJ+) are active in this program.

Who are the children?

The MTP provides an education to approximately 400 poor and orphaned children who may have been displaced by the earthquake or are most affected by existing educational deficiencies.

The majority of the children in the program live in the most remote, rural areas of Borgne. These areas are very difficult to access, which is why the mobile program is so valuable: We bring school TO the children. There are no schools in these areas and  access to available schools is extremely difficult.

What is the program?

This program provides basic reading, writing, and math skills; arts and music; physical education; a lunch program; and access to health care to participating children and families.  The program is an early childhood program and enrolls children ages 4-7 years old. The curriculum is provided and monitored by the Federated Teachers of Borgne. This year begins the fourth year of this program and  MTP enrolls 400 children.  These are children who live in the most remote parts of the community and often would not receive an opportunity to go to school. The MTP provides the only early childhood program in the area and provides a platform for children to begin a solid educational experience.  On completing the program, many children matriculate into the elementary schools within the commune. The MTP program is organized in programs of 25 students within 16 sites.  These sites are chosen near clusters of families in remote areas to facilitate children attending the program. 

Who are the teachers?

Local teachers are hired and trained for the program and are uniquely suited to understanding local history and culture. Their mission is to provide creative and attractive educational opportunities to under-served children. Teachers are supervised by the certified educators of the Federated Teachers of Borgne.

How do parents participate?

To make this experience more meaningful for families, parents are encouraged to be key stakeholders in the program. Parents construct a chair for each child to use while attending the MTP program and mothers participate in cooking the daily noon time meal. Requiring parents to be key stakeholders is a way to guarantee that children will attend regularly and also promote sustainability.

The needs:

All resources for the MTP program are provided through donations of supporters of the program.  We seek individuals, groups, or organizations that are willing to partner with H.O.P.E. to provide early childhood education to the children of Borgne. The MTP needs support to sustain its mission of providing education to underserved children in Borgne. The goal is $45,000 a year to support this program.  This includes salary of teachers, materials/books, uniforms, food, and transportation.