Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.

HOW Can I Contribute?


H.O.P.E. works entirely through volunteers and partners...

Livestock Cooperative  (Zanimo Pwoje)– This 2009 Program provides a renewable supply of livestock to members of a cooperative.  Funded by a donation from Spiritus Christi parish, this program enables peasants to receive animals at no cost - and to pay for them by returning an offspring to the cooperative.  This is a sustainable program today thanks to our partners at Spiritus Christi.


Beneficiaries who received support from HOPE in the livestock distribution program as well as community gardening program reported that the project had helped to improve their economic situation. The livestock distribution program reaches about 170 families while the community garden reaches about 600 families. The way that the livestock distribution works is that HOPE distributes livestock such as a cow to a family. The first calf that is born is then returned to HOPE so that the organization can re-distribute it to another family. The second calf is kept for the family itself, and then the third is given to HOPE again. All calves following the third are the property of the family. One man shared that, "We have learned to take the fruits of the land and share with others and still have money from selling it. And if there is a community party with the church, we contribute with food. From the animal side, whenever we have a cow, we have milk and the milk is being sold and small cows are being given to other people so they can enroll in the program." One man reported that the milk from the cows helps feed his children and the surplus that he sells helps to pay for their school fees.

HOPE also distributes donkeys in addition to cows to help beneficiaries transport goods to market.