Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.

Hurricane Matthew


It is still difficult to assess damage in Borgne. Bridges are washed out, roads impassable and phone contact difficult if not impossible. According to Haiti Libre, 14,530 people have been displaced, 2,703 families are affected and 1,885 houses are flooded.

We have achieved so much in Borgne, but with a disaster such as this, our infrastructure will be pushed beyond it's limits. Please donate today to protect the amazing work already done, and help get the community of Borgne through one of the worst hurricanes in memory.

We are also getting ready for a spike of cholera and typhoid.

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A New Era for Health Care in Borgne: Our first C-Section

Impossible to explain the importance of this event! This is the first time in the 35 years history of the hospital that we were able to perform a life saving operation.

In August our amazing team of SEE FAMN/ASB doctors delivered our first baby via C-Section. The mom is 23 and had a pregnancy that ran a high risk of rupturing her uterus – the surgery successfully avoided this life threatening situation and she delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy. Quoting Mike Shields, "In days gone by this would likely have been a very sad outcome for both. For all of us in H.O.P.E., both here and in Haiti, this is a dream come true for the community. It is almost unimaginable for those of us who have aspired to realize this capacity for more than 10 years. Back then there wasn’t even an M.D. in that community." Thanks to our wonderful partners at Womens Strong International (WSI), we now have a fully functional surgical facility in an area where mothers and babies routinely die due to complications in pregnancy and birth. We are grateful and excited beyond words.


H.O.P.E. Board Member and Tech Entrepreneur, Hillary Mickell, Featured in Silicon Valley Trip to U.K.

Hillary Mickell is a HOPE Board Member and a strong contributor to HOPE's efforts in the U.S. and in Borgne. She is a key contributor to the health and education work, and frequent traveler to Borgne.


Haitian Women's Health

Last summer, H.O.P.E. and ASB invited four students to participate in an internship program in Fond La Grange. The students worked at a hospital for five weeks, rotating among the various healthcare activities of ASB and trying their hands at everything from administering vaccines and cleaning wounds to organizing records and filling prescriptions. One of the interns, 15-year-old Islourde, a student at the Collège Evangeliste Baptiste Ebenezer in Borgne, enjoyed working in the pharmacy and now dreams of becoming a doctor. Islourde says that education helps students, “do something that is good for them and good for their community, too.” Education, she knows, can lead to a career that supports family and community.

Read more about  Islourde and Gania.





Alyans Sante Borgne

Our Family Health and Medicine program at Alyans Sante Borgne hopsital (ASB) has become recognized as one of rural Haiti's most successful community health models, delivering services to a geographically dispersed population of 80,000. H.O.P.E. provides the management and core operating funding for this hospital partnership, and engages outside partners to provide vital resources and funding. One of the main strengths of this health model is the diversity of its clinical facilities, which include A.S.B. hospital and dental clinic in the village of Borgne, and a satellite hospital in Tibouk, with mobile clinics bringing services directly to people in more remote areas who may have a difficult time reaching town. The health model also integrates clinical care with prevention activities in every household through a broad, far-reaching volunteer program. 

Services offered through A.S.B.’s health programs include:

  • Labor & Recovery
  • Nutrition Clinic
  • Surgical Services 
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • HIV/AIDs and STI Screening and Treatment
  • Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood Bank
  • Dental/Oral Health

If you're an individual, group, or organization interested in sponsoring A.S.B. hospital, 
please contact to learn more.