Grassroots Community Development in Borgne, Haiti.


Looking to make a difference?

It takes a lot of people-power to make good things happen, but the good news is, you don't need to travel to Haiti to join us in this work! By hosting a fundraiser or serving as a core contributor to a specific a program, you become an integral part of our community; woven right into the fabric of what makes this whole thing work, both at home and in Borgne. We invite you to join us in the trenches of community development by becoming champions for the important resources that help us meet our mission. We promise that every contribution or donation of materials will make a sizable impact!

Host a Fundraiser
Your generous donation of time, talent and treasure, helps H.O.P.E. to connect residents to the resources they need to overcome these challenges through sustainable, holistic community development programs that address health, education, and economic development. Click here to download our Fundraiser Guide for more ideas.You can also contact for more information! 

Donate Your Birthday

Over the years, thousands of dollars have been raised via Facebook on behalf of H.O.P.E., and we can't help but feel overwhelming gratitude for those who've started fundraisers for their birthday. Just be sure to select our full name: Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa as the beneficiary. To do this, go to your 'home' page, and look on the left side column. You should see the 'fundraiser' option with a little coin icon. Click on "fundraiser" and Facebook will walk you through the steps of setting it up. Again, just be sure to select our full name: Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa or it may go to another organizationWe will be sure to give you a shout out and some extra special birthday wishes. *If you don't use Facebook, you are welcome to collect donations in person, and send them to HOPE | PO Box 18767 | Rochester, NY 14618. Thank you!

Medical Supply Donations 
The most basic of medical supplies are always in need! But because we must carry these supplies to Haiti in suitcases, we often incur baggage and custom fees of $100. We ask that any person or group donating medical supplies, also fundraise to cover this fee (per suitcase full). This helps to ensure 100% of your supplies are delivered to the hospital and can be used for those who need it most! 

Helpful Medical Supplies:

  • Stethoscopes 
  • BP cuffs 
  • Thermometers (digital) 
  • Over-the-counter pain relief (Tylenol and Ibuprofen) 
  • Children's Tylenol 
  • Cough meds (Capsules preferred) 
  • Children's cough and cold medicine (Liquid okay or chew/melt tablets) 
  • Bandaids and gauze rolls (all sizes) 
  • Ace bandages 
  • Exam Gloves (non-powdered) 
  • Antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) 
  • Burn Cream with Lidocaine


***To arrange delivery of medical supplies & baggage fee donation(s), please contact Amanda Smythe: 


Workplace Giving
Many companies not only encourage their employees to give to and volunteer time to nonprofits in their communities, but also will match those efforts with dollars and other means of support. Employee Matching Gifts I'm particular, are donations an employer makes to match its employees' charitable contributions. Usually associated with corporate grantmakers, employee matching gifts often are dollar-for-dollar, but some companies will give double or even triple the original donation. Guidelines and amounts vary with each company. Typically, you must submit a form to your employer and you can get more information about your matching gift benefits from the human resources department.

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